Exercise Field (open to public by appointment only)

Rates: $5.00 per ½ hour

You can call and book some time for your dog to run off that extra energy. You take responsibility and supervise your own dog.

Day Care (Drop after 7am Pick Up before 5:30pm)

Rates: $10.00 per day

We exercise, socialize and play with your dog during the day.  If they like to play with others they are able to only with both owners permission.  When it gets really hot or if we get a thunderstorm all dogs are put inside.

Boarders (Part of daily exercise)

The field is used regularly through the day for our boarders to help burn off that excess energy and to make their stay more fun for them.

Training (by appointment only)

In house training with Alison takes place in this field for basic obedience and agility.  For group training or those more difficult dogs Kenneth Morgan has his classes here.