Cayman Pet Paradise, historically known as Cheval Ranch, was established over 30 years ago. Owners and Management changed in the year 2000 along with the name to Cayman Pet Paradise.

Our 3 acre facility and boarding kennels allow for all dogs (unless from the same family) to have their own spacious open air kennel with an inside area to get out of the weather and a large outside run for them to be able to do their business whenever they want to. We also have 8 oversized kennels for families with multiple dogs that want them to board together.
Our cat facility is on the same property, but separate and away from the dog kennels and play areas so your cat isn’t stressed out by dogs right next to them. We have 13 cat kennels where again, each cat can have it’s own space. Two of the kennels are oversized for families with multiple cats but even our individual cat kennels are spacious enough for more than one cat. Our cat facility also allows us to care for Rabbits, Guinea pigs and other family pets in their own area away from the dogs.