Grooming: (by appointment only) – call for rates

Our Groomer Gina is very meticulous and caring and has a way with even difficult dogs to get them groomed. Some dogs don’t like grooming mostly because of a bad experience. Gina has the knowledge and patience to help them overcome that and make it an enjoyable experience.


We have a full grooming facility in an air conditioned room so that your dog stays cool and clean after it is finished and waiting for you to pick them up.



Grooming is by appointment only- A full groom consists of a haircut (shave down, trim, etc.), nail trim, eyes and ears cleaned and a bath and blow dry: Basic rate is CI$50 for shaving down your dog, and CI$60 for a haircut.



For dogs with lots of matting, additional charges may apply.

For dogs infested with fleas and/or ticks, additional charges may apply.