CPP Pet Products

Cayman Pet Paradise carries Fiproguard Plus flea and tick treatments. Fiproguard Plus is a generic version of Frontline Plus using the exact same active ingredients to keep your pet from being infested with fleas and/or ticks. As it is a generic, Fiproguard Plus is much cheaper than Frontline Plus and is just as effective. Fiproguard Plus should be applied monthly to avoid any issues with your pets.

All dogs and cats that board or come for doggy day care are required to be up to date on their monthly  treatment for fleas and ticks.

We also have Capguard which is a flea control product for infested animals. It kills the fleas in 24 hours. In addition, we can always do a flea and tick bath with our specialized shampoo to rid your animal of an infestation.
Fiproguard costs:
For cats over 1.5 lbs  $28CI  for 3pk (3 month supply)
4-22 lbs $28CI for 3 pk  (3 month supply)
23-44 lbs $28CI for 3pk  
45-88 lbs $30CI for 3 pk
89-132 lbs $31 CI for 3 pk