Exercise Field (open to public by appointment only)Rates: $40 per hour
You can call and book some time for your dog(s) to run off some energy in a completely fence enclosed field. You take responsibility and supervise your own dog. Appointments are available during our regular business hours only.


Day Care (Drop after 7am Pick Up before 5:30pm)
Rates: $15.00 per day / dog

We use our many fields to provide space for your dog(s) to run and play during the day. If they are a social dog, they will have other dogs to play with. If not, we can provide them with their own space to play all day. Water buckets are in all the fields and are checked routinely throughout the day. If we get bad weather, we might have to call you to pick up the dogs early as it can flood here. Otherwise, we move them to the kennels to get them out of the weather. (space being available).


All dogs are let out of their kennels for at least 1.5-2 hours/day to have a run and play around in our many fields. During that time, we make sure to clean their kennels and refresh their water bucket.

Training (by appointment only)

Paul is a certified as a dog trainer. If you wish to have your dog trained, please call us to make an appointment. Training rates vary depending on your training needs.